In the words of our Family Members and Residents

My family's experience with our mom at Forest Manor was serene. Each and Every individual/employees, touched our hearts. Each of their skills, both professionally and personally were outstanding. As my family joined together, so did the 'family' of Forest Manor. Each and every staff member from all aspects of 'the manor' working together covered everything you could imagine for our mom and our family. They complimented each other and we certainly complimented them! My dad has never left her side in 62 years and the staff was understanding as to his feelings; it was a difficult time. The Manor is spacious, clean and serene. From my very first call to Desiree I felt comfortable, as I was dealing with a very sensitive and delicate situation for my mother, emotions were high with my family, confusion was dominating, and she and I separated the entire situation and created a wonderful environment for our mother to rest in peace. After everything she had been through being at the manor was literally like a vacation and she looked like her old self for the first time in years! For those who questioned Forest Manor, do no more. There is a fantastic, educated and competent team of people working together, up and down the ladder of the manor. Connecting us with the individuals of Compassionate Care was a blessing. WE THANK ALL OF YOU.
Lastly, ladies, you know who you are! I never thought i could laugh so much changing my mother with you. It certainly was not that much fun doing it home alone with dad. May our mom/wife/nanna, Theresa, aka Tessie, rest in peace; she is at home in the heavens above as she requested. We Love Her and Miss Her.
Donna Marie Vetrone
My mom has now been a resident at Forest Manor for three months and truly enjoys her days there. As expected, the first month was a challenge as my mom adjusted to her new home but thanks to Melissa, nursing staff Tricia Veres and many others, my mom has adjusted very well. The entire Forest Manor staff made her feel welcome by providing the physical therapy that she needed, engaging her in activities like puzzles and "hall bingo" and attending to her needs as her cognitive and physical health has declined. Not only has my mom adjusted but I have adjusted as well, now very comfortable in knowing that my mom is receiving the highest level of geriatric and cognitive care that she needs on a daily basis.
The pandemic has made visits a challenge to all but Forest Manor has managed this with excellent communication and offering as much contact as is possible with my mom. the level of communication between the Forest Manor staff and myself is excellent and makes the care of my mom easier for all of us. Finding my mom on the Forest Manor Facebook page always makes my heart warm as my mom is always smiling in every picture!!!!
Ginger Vukos
As a resident who came for rehab there aren’t enough great things I could say. While being here I have become so much stronger and am able to walk on my own. The rehab department is excellent and have helped me become more independent. The department as a whole are great at one they do and are very nice and kind. For anyone who needs rehab I recommend Forest Manor!
Heath Walker
I cannot say enough great things about Forest Manor. Anyone I know who needs rehab I tell them all about how great the therapy staff is here. Bobby and his staff are always there to make sure I work hard to get back to where I was previously. The kitchen staff are prompt and second to none in making sure the food is delicious. I am enjoying my time here as a rehab resident and will truly miss them when I am strong enough to return home!
Margaret Kelly
My family member is a resident of Forest Manor. The nursing staff are always so good to her and are always attentive to her needs. During the height of Covid I felt very confident that Forest Manor was the best place for her. They kept her healthy through it all and I was happy to be able to see her through one of our window visits. Thank you to everyone at Forest Manor for taking such great care of my family member and keep up the good work.
Angela Cook
Forest manor is a great place to come when you are needing to get a little stronger. The rehab and nursing staff are excellent in doing everything they can for me to be able to return home. I can’t say enough great things about this facility. Thank you for getting me stronger so I can return home with my loved ones!
Joyce Siegmeister